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The Marchmont Employment and Skills Observatory improves improve evidence-based practice and policy in the field of employment and skills. Read more »


We are a leading Labour Market Intelligence provider in South West England. We provide added value to standard statistical analyses  Read more »

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Find out how you can contact the Marchmont team. Read more »

The Rainbow Years project

The Rainbow Years Project aims to develop a digitally supported mid-life skills review that can help prepare workers to be more resistant to labour market challenges they face in the future. Read more »

The SPIDAS project

The SPIDAS project will innovate and extend best practice in the teaching of data analytics through student-centred, problem-based learning. Read more »

The REPLAYVET project

REPLAY-VET is an ERASMUS+ strategic partnership which aims to provide the disadvantaged and low-skilled people with targeted opportunities to acquire the VET skills Read more »