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Eye tracking a knife thrower
Eye tracking aircraft pilot
Eye tracking tennis
Digitization process reveals hidden histories at Powderham Castle

Historians and specialists at the University’s Digital Humanities Lab explored new ways to share the history of Powderham Castle. Read more »

Specialist services

  • Safety, health, environment and wellbeing courses - our world-class safety, health and wellbeing team are true experts in their field. We offer a wide range of courses for your business.
  • Eye Tracking solutions - eye tracking technology allows us to 'see what someone is seeing', and provides insights into the processes underpinning their decisions and behaviours. By understanding these behaviours we can design better design of products and processes.
  • Animal Vision - many animals see the world very differently to humans in terms of colour, pattern, and field of view. Understanding how animals react to their surroundings enables us to better manage their welfare, training and performance, and to develop effective ways of managing wild and captive animals.
  • DroneLab - we combine customised aerial drone surveys with state-of-the-art image processing approaches to deliver high quality environmental surveying solutions. We also offer bespoke training courses for scientists and practitioners who want to get airborne with their own drones.

These services are provided through our wholly owned subsidiary company, UoE Consulting Ltd.